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This is a special episode of The Birth Geeks with Connie Sultana, BA, ICCE, LCCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA). I’m going to be very forthright and tell you that after fighting with the editing software and having multiple glitches – I just hit publish. That means that there is no recorded intro for this awesome episode. So let me take a bit of time and space here to tell you about Connie and how amazing she is as a human being.

She has attended over 900 births in a wide variety of settings and geographical locations. She was even one of the doulas in Dr. Kennell’s studies. She’s also a childbirth educator with ICEA and Lamaze and a doula trainer. She also spent many years as the Certification Director for DONA. She currently lives in the Bay Area in California.

She has shared with us some of her thoughts and tips on being a virtual doula. This includes preparing couples for the experience, thinking about how to set your space up, thoughts on various ways to take breaks as a virtual doula, and many other topics under this heading.

Here are some of the things Connie and I talked about:

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