After Birth Rituals for Doulas

It didn’t take long attending births before I realized that I had some little rituals I did afterward. At first I just wrote it off; Of course, I’d be hungry, I’d just worked really hard! Of course, I needed a shower! It was hard work and I felt grimy. It wasn’t...

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Hamburger and Fries

How to Be a Birth Geek

If you love birth and you’re fascinated by the research and the history of all things families, birth, and babies, you might be a birth geek! One of the classic signs is that you have a near insatiable desire for more knowledge to put into practice in your classes...

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Woman working at the computer Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Should I Use a Contraction Timer in Labor?

 As a childbirth educator I’m often asked whether or not a family should use a contraction timer. We certainly talk about how to time contractions and what the different points in time mean as they pop this information. But actually having a physical timer in hand...

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