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Episode 41: Pivot

Pivoting can be tough, but knowing who to ask for help and which resources to focus on can make it at least look like you aren't kicking your legs wildly trying to keep your head above water.

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Episode 39: Mandy Irby The Birth Nurse

This episode contains an awesome second conversation between a nurse and doula both extremely passionate about culture change. We also discuss pivoting to teaching online, moving away from bedside nursing, nurses and doulas working together, and so much more. We're...

Mandy Irby The Birth Nurse OB culture change podcast

Episode 38: Elizabeth M. Johnson

In this 38th episode of The Birth Geeks Podcast, Hillary talks to Elizabeth M. Johnson about making friends on Twitter and her "When Survivors Give Birth" Training. What's it like shifting such an intimate training to online teaching, and how is Elizabeth planning...

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Kelli Brien Talks About Being a Doula and Midwife

Kelli Brien is a passionate health advocate, focused on eliminating racial disparities in maternal health. She created the Speak Life Doula program and co-authored the Safety PIN grant submission that garnered multiple awards from the Indiana State Department of...

Kelli Brien

Dr. Amy Brown Talks Infant Feeding

Professor Amy Brown is based in the Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences at Swansea University in the UK where she is director of the centre for Lactation, Infant Feeding and Translation (LIFT).  With a background in psychology, she has published...

Episode 33: Barbara Hotelling

In the 33rd episode of The Birth Geeks Podcast Robin interviews Barbara Hotelling about her fascinating work at Duke as a clinical nurse educator and around the world training doulas and childbirth educators. They talk about how training nursing students to be...

Barbara Hotelling The Birth Geeks Doula Midwife Nurse OB

Conversation with Doula Denise Bolds

Denise Bolds is Bold Doula. She's a Native New Yorker living in NYC. Denise is a DONA International certified birth doula since 2014 with 156 births of experience, she's a doula mentor, childbirth instructor, placenta encapsulation specialist and CLC. Denise is a...

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