2020 Social Media Planner

After much hard work and a lot of fun, we are finally done with our 2020 Social Media Planner. This includes 25% new material for 2020! It doesn't get much better than this when it comes to being ready and prepped for a great year on social media. The planner...

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Pregnancy and Birth Conferences

If you haven't yet planned to go to an in person birth geek type event - you should! It's a great way to get continuing education, learn, and hang out with some amazing people. While we're always trying to feed our brains, we come away with our hearts and souls...

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The Basics of Bias and Research

Hillary and Robin have a conversation about the basics of bias in research. You'll hear what some of the most basic forms of bias are and how you can guard against them in your practice. You'll also get to hear Hillary's birth story - trust us, you won't want to...

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Somedays I spend so much time worried about my clients or tied up in thinking about ways to improve the system that I stop to stop and think about all of the really neat things I’ve seen in my career. So, in no particular order, here are some changes I’ve noticed...

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New Books for Birth Geeks

My birthday is coming up, and I have a serious love of books. I've been poking around looking for newer books that I might be interested in checking out, and this is my short list! Ok, it isn't that short, but I LOVE to read and I really feel like this should just...

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Birth Geek Books

Choosing to Only Attend Home Births as a Doula

Home birth can be awesome. When I get the chance to attend a home birth with one of the two CPMs that travel to my area currently, I JUMP for joy. I love working with them and home birth is such a different energy space than going to the hospital. I love being able...

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