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In the Beginning

When you are just starting out, you need all kinds of help and don’t really know exactly who you should ask for it. There are seemingly a million things that you need to take care of from training to reading to setting up your business to finding clients to even get started. The feeling of being lost was extremely common for me those first few years and a never-ending feeling that I was not doing enough. Eventually, that settled down for me personally, and I started to filter out what I found to be the most useful advice and what I felt worked for my area, my business, and my life, but GEEZ that was NOT easy at first.

After a bit of time has passed

Now that I’ve been a working doula for almost five years, I have much different needs than when I first started out, but some things never change. I’m still learning to be a better bookkeeper, much to the chagrin of my accountant, for example. I still worry about having enough clients to cover my costs and make enough money, and that is definitely something that The Birth Geeks plan to tackle in the near future. I’m working on streamlining my processes and making things like on-boarding for new clients simpler–things that I do all the time and can have a basic outlined process that I can personalize to save me time and brain space. I’m also finding there are topics that continue to come up again and again with clients, and gathering all the resources I want to provide on those topics in one place helps me be more organized and communicate more effectively.

What The Birth Geeks Want

As The Birth Geeks, we want to develop products that will help childbirth professionals! The very first thing we developed was The Ultimate 2019 Social Media Planner for Childbirth Professionals, partially because we wanted to have that information for ourselves and our planning for our own business social media. We are working on several other ideas for printable content that we hope will be valuable tools for your business, BUT we don’t want to do this just hanging out in our little bubble of birth geekdom! We want to hear from you!!!! Seriously!! What are your sticking points? What are the topics that you continually find coming up in your childbirth professional life? What kind of product would you like to see developed to help childbirth professionals further their business and local advocacy goals? I assure you that we have a huge list of ideas brewing, but what better way to make sure we spend our time on things that matter to our fellow childbirth professionals than just asking you for what you need??

This Is Where YOU Come In

Whether you have podcast guest, blog post, or product development suggestions for us, we want to hear from YOU! What do you need that The Birth Geeks can provide for you? We never want to assume that we know all the answers (that wouldn’t be very geeky of us), and we honestly just want to spend our time working on things that will actually bring VALUE to your professional endeavors. Leave us a comment. Shoot us an email: thebirthgeeks@gmail.com.

Tweet at us: @thebirthgeeks or #askthebirthgeeks. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram, if you want to connect with us over there too!

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