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When thinking about marketing your services, it is imperative that you not only think about your breadth, but also about your depth. Spreading your marketing wide is important but focusing in on specific areas can help you hone your message for a very specific audience and get your name out to them more often. Having a thick strategy will help you standout in not just marketing, but also in expertise and geographic area.

One of the most common mistakes I see childbirth professionals make in marketing is to put all their energy only into online presence. Yes, you definitely need to keep up an online presence, but it honestly is not everything, especially in a business as personal as ours. The internet is good for getting your name out there, but it should never replace making in-person connections & broadening your reach through in-person networking. Online presence is truly great for continuing to get your name in front of people for brand recognition, but it doesn’t always close the deal to help people decide to hire you or come to your class. In-person networking goes so much further and is so much better for making impressions and securing both clients and recommendations.

Spreading yourself too thin will make you and your message less effective. This goes for marketing and for territory. Let’s face it, we all only have so many hours in the day to get things done and many childbirth professionals are very small operations with limited budgets. If that sounds like you, know that you are not alone and that many of us struggle with trying to do too much. As Liz Jostes talked about in our interview, you are much smarter to stick to doing one social media platform really well rather than trying to do a crappy job at several. This is thick strategy! I also like to add that if social media is your only marketing strategy, then you might want to reassess your efforts, but that might be a better subject for later.

When it comes to thinking about territory and thick strategy, I have to first acknowledge that when I started out as a childbirth professional, I absolutely made the mistake of taking any client that came my way no matter if I was worried about the distance or not. I don’t do this anymore, for several reasons, but the biggest one is that my clients really appreciate my local expertise about each hospital I go to for deliveries and which Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) come to our area for home births. (Only CPMs attend home births in my area, and I know there are other areas where that is not the case.) Clients love that I can tell them how the admitting procedures work at each hospital and which rooms to request because they are a little bigger or have certain amenities. Clients love to know that I have worked with their provider before and know some specific things to expect with them. I realize that isn’t always possible depending on where you live and work, but I promise you can find your own thick strategy to bring added value to your potential clients and community.

Focusing in on mastering one marketing strategy, toward one particular target market, in a defined territory, with serious expertise in your area, and you will see returns on your investment in the form of clients flocking to you for what you have to offer. Thick strategy has worked really well for me!

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