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Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can get pretty annoying on social media. Here’s a story to illustrate my point: when I was first starting out, I had a habit of sharing lots of content such as articles and things that I thought my target market would appreciate reading. There was another person who would like my posts and then post the same thing on their business page without ever attributing the fact that I had turned them on to the article. This annoyed me to no end, but I had no real leg to stand on when this person wasn’t crediting me. Sure it was poor form, but it really wasn’t my content to begin with, so did I really have any recourse? Nope. So, I learned to be gracious and accept that if it isn’t my content, then I should just be happy that more people are reading content that I think is worthwhile and spreading the message of birth geek-dom. I also learned to spend more time creating my own content to share on my website and social media pages.

The Point Is This

Give credit where credit is due, and it will reflect well on your business and you professionally! You want to be seen as a professional and an expert in your field, especially to potential clients, and giving credit to the places where you find your information and shareable content helps push those following you to those credible sources. This is a big picture and a small picture issue too. Big picture being that those creating that amazing shareable content (like your certifying organization or fellow birth geeks) will get more traffic, and the small picture being that your clients (current & potential) will see that you are connected to the larger childbirth community and in the know. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation for you, your client, whoever turned you on to the content that you shared, & whoever created that content!

Shout It Out

ALL the social media platforms make it extra easy to give a shout-out to the people who create the content that you share and the ones who maybe shared it first. Sharing the love by tagging people is the nice thing to do on social media, and doing that is also the SOCIAL thing to do on social media! You aren’t the news; you don’t have to get the scoop and be the first to share content to get the benefit from sharing it. Spread the love and it will come back to you! Remember, POSITIVE messages are more likely to get engagement on all social media platforms, and keeping it positive on your business page is the best way to increase the return on your social media investment!!

Don’t Be ALL Sales

We all know those pages that we follow on social media that do nothing but try to sell stuff all the time, and I’m here to tell you it is bad social media etiquette. I am a firm believer that you have to give to get. You give fresh authentic content directed exactly at your target market, and you’ll get more engagement and higher conversion rates, plain and simple.

On a Personal Level

Let’s also not forget that being a childbirth professional means that we get invited into some really intimate spaces. That means that connecting with potential clients on a personal level is also a good thing. Balancing how personal you get in your professional space can be really tricky, and some people choose to keep a really well-articulated line between the two. Boundaries are not a bad thing, but sometimes peeking behind the curtain and showing some vulnerability can really be beneficial when being social too. Most experts recommend you keep separate social media profiles for personal and business use, but you do you boo! Just do realize that there are benefits and drawbacks to getting personal on your business page

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What was your favorite shout-out you ever got on social media?

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