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The Birth Geeks is a brand new podcast from longtime birth professionals and all around Birth geeks, Drs. Robin Elise Weiss and Hillary Melchiors.

This is Season 1, Episode 2: Meet Birth Geek 2, Hillary! Hillary is an all-around fascinating person who sees the world very differently. Her insight into how she processes the emotions of birth while being a doula is wise and she also dishes on her minimalist birth bag (but only if forced). You’ll get to know her a bit better and understand why clients, students, and other birth professionals get so much enjoyment out of knowing Hillary.

Since it’s Cesarean Awareness Month, Robin talks a bit about an older, but still profound study on vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC) and how it’s still impacting people’s births today. Check below for some of the relevant links. #CAM2019

Mentioned in S1E2:

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