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One of the hardest parts of being a doula is not the long hours, or finding clients, or being strong enough to do back pressure for a long time – it’s living life on call. Robin and Hillary, The Birth Geeks, discuss living life on call from the planning and prep, to the in the moment, including how to work with your family to not drive them crazy.

The on-call life is also not just doulas. Midwives also experience intense call times, as do some other professionals, even if it’s for a shorter period, like being on call at the hospital for a particular day or set of days. It can be draining!

We also give a HUGE shout out to Adriana Lozada of the Birthful Podcast on over 2,000,000 downloads. Please check out the podcast if you haven’t listened yet, it’s so worth the time.

So we hope you’ll give it a listen.

Links to things we talked about: 


Momemoji App

Flux light filtering program 

How Can Binaural Beats Help You Sleep Better 

Fasta-Pasta Kitchen Gadget

Instant Pot

Research highlight: Intrapartum Administration of Synthetic Oxytocin and the Downstream Effects on Breastfeeding

Further Reading: 

Impact of Birth Practices on Breastfeeding

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky

Something Hillary likes to use for resting: 

Gel Eye Mask

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