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International Women’s Day. I’m spending some time thinking about it today. While it can certainly mean different things, even to the same person, I think we are largely left to our devices to decide what it means.

Today I’m thinking about it like the room of requirement from the Harry Potter series. This room will appear when you need it and have items that you need. So today, when I woke up, I asked myself what I needed.

After a couple of weeks of traveling, doing doula trainings, teaching classes at a local university, and hanging with hundreds of middle schoolers in a mock United Nations simulation, I am exhausted. It’s no secret I’m an introvert, so all of the above drains me. So when I’m home, I want to crash, but my adoring family needs me and misses me, so I jump back into being mom and all that that entails. There is always more to do, even my watch tells me when to stand up. Today, I’m tired.

So, I asked for what I needed, hesitantly. Yes, even after giving everything that I have to give, I was hesitant to ask for what I needed. Not what I wanted, but what I needed. But I did.

I’m writing this from my bed. I’m propped up on a fluffy pillow, with my dog next to me, and my computer on my lap, still in my nightgown, and in my warm bed. Don’t be too jealous, my room is still messy, and I’m still technically working, but at my own pace.

#BalanceForBetter is the theme of the #IWD2019. What is balance? Is it saying no more often? Is it Sacrificing what you want? Is it turning inward? Outward?  What is better? Better for whom? I had a conversation this weekend with a woman who was talking about sharing that she was overwhelmed and the advice she was given – she was told to give up something, which happened to be the one thing she was doing for herself. I recalled that was what people told me when I expressed being overwhelmed in grad school – just give it up. I refused and I’m so pleased I did. It was for me.

So I’ll challenge you to do a bit of thinking and acting locally, as in for yourself. That can be a lot of different things. It can be a day in bed, registering for something you want to attend, going out with friends, or date nights, or reading more – whatever better and balance mean to you. Do more of that. YOU matter too.

For me, I’ll have more to give to my community and my family when I work on me occasionally, and that’s a good thing.

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