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We’re The Birth Geeks: two childbirth professionals working our tails off to try to make the world better for childbearing families while also trying to pay the bills and raise families of our own too. We LOVE birth and have so much fun talking about all the philosophy, practical issues, & fun that comes with being a childbirth professional in the world. We are trained academics with way too many letters after our names as well, so we feel like we’ve definitely earned our geek-cred.

We see some amazing businesses happening to help support and bolster new childbirth professionals, but we found ourselves longing to push the conversation past initial startup issues and into further territory. Robin has been at this for a really long time, and I have been thriving in her professional development enough that I finally felt like I might have something to offer. (Robin would totally chastise me for being too modest, but seriously, grad school totally eviscerated any ego I ever had in my midwestern brain, so that’s just me now.) With our powers combined, we are The Birth Geeks!

We have BIG goals, but are trying to be really practical and smart about achieving them, but please come along on this ride with us! We started by thinking about what products would we love to see that won’t break the bank but WILL make the lives of childbirth professionals easier. We started by developing The Ultimate 2019 Social Media Planner for Childbirth Professionals, which is 6 pages of social media planning advice and 19 pages of calendar events from monthly observances to special days that are all relevant to childbirth professionals.

We are also launching The Birth Geeks Podcast in early March, which is such a huge leap and makes me soo very nervous, but also excited–kinda like Pinkie Pie: nervous-ited!! (But if I’m being honest, I’m really more of a Twilight Sparkle kind of gal with a little bit of Pinkie Pie thrown in for good measure…and yes, I did just reference My Little Pony!) Listen in to hear not only us, but also some of our amazing childbirth professional friends too. We’ll geek out on there for sure, but if you want us to answer a question, it us up on social media using: #askthebirthgeeks. We’re planning to publish the podcast weekly, so stay tuned!

We have other fun stuff in the works too, but we don’t want to completely tip our hands just yet. If you want to keep up with us, sign-up for our newsletter. We promise not to bombard your inbox with messages, and are hoping to keep it to one email a week at maximum.

All the birth geek love to you & thanks for stopping by to check us out!

The Birth Geeks

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