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In this episode you will find an excellent conversation about balancing different types of doula work & situations, the effect of location on birth options, normalizing women’s healthcare, the difference childbirth education classes make, doula self care, how to be picky about clients, and so much more. Stay to the end when these amazing doulas give concrete advice about how white doulas can help BIPOC doulas who are facing hostility in ways that are meaningful.

Mark your calendars! Doula Sense now airs at every Wednesday 9am-ish. 

Guest Biographies:

Shannon Serrano is a DONA International certified doula, born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. A mother of four children, her experience with her own labors is what fueled her passion to become a doula. As a birth professional, Shannon believes in equipping women with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions pertaining to their care throughout preconception (and prior to any thoughts of preconception), during their pregnancy, and for the rest of their lifetime. In addition to offering paid doula services and education to families of the DMV, she currently offers doula services on a volunteer basis to teens who are enrolled in the Holy Cross Hospital Teen Program, military families of the Special Ops Doula program and families of the Rockville Pregnancy Center. 

Shannon partnered with Tia to create the Doula Sense podcast to share real conversations on women’s health, parenting, and birth-y things with doula knowledge for women and families. Website:

Tia Dowling’s life has centered around the service industry for 20+ years. She has served the developmentally disabled, domestic violence victims, and even disadvantaged youth. However she has come to find that doula work is the home she has been searching for. Becoming a DONA Trained and Carriage House Birth Certified Birth Doula has been a humbling accomplishment. Also becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor has helped her find her passion of supporting families through their body/breastfeeding journey. Her passion to see you through pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is unwavering. She is the proud mom of a 6 year old son who was a miracle after 7 years of dealing with infertility. Inclusive of her desire to support you during your birth, she is excited to work with birthing families  during the postpartum period helping create a strong bond between themselves and baby. Because she has been all of the clients that she serves, Metoodoula services is all encompassing of each individual woman’s needs.

Tia Dowling, CD(DONA), (CHB)CLC 

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