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Darcy Sauers is the founder of The Postpartum Doula Academy and has been a DONA certified postpartum doula since 2010.  She talks to The Birth Geeks today to emphasize that we need to band together as birth workers – it’s about collaboration NOT competition. And Hillary and Darcy lament about how we spend a lot of time trying to explain what doulas do before we can ever get to the “hire me” phase!

Prior to having her own 3 children and becoming a doula, Darcy worked for 10 years in the advertising and marketing world. She uses this experience to help other doulas build their own thriving practices.  Get her free decision-making checklist on 3 Questions to Ask Before you Invest in More Doula Training.

The Doula Darcy is also the co-host of the Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast which explores how our birth and postpartum experiences shape our feelings of worth.

Right now, I’m also offering a self-paced, online class Take Your Postpartum Doula Business Virtual to help postpartum doulas continue to serve families during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Don’t forget to register for the FREE Thriving Birth Worker training 3 Movements to Feel Strong in Your Body Now from Erin Underwood.

Websites and Links Mentioned


Gena Kirby

Kate Northrup

March for Moms


Maternal Health Taskforce

3 Movements to Feel Strong in Your Body Now for Birth Workers

Books Mentioned

Afraid to Fall 

Do Less

Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (We called it the Book Woman of Kentucky in the show!)

Radium Girls

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