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The VBAC Link joins us for episode 31 of The Birth Geeks Podcast! I was so excited to talk to Meagen & Julie about VBAC in a pandemic, special VBAC doula considerations, and how shifting landscapes make it even more important for processing traumatic past events so you can let go in the moment. I love their insights and getting a peek inside of their minds is a real treat.

In case you don’t know these awesome doulas:

Julie Francom has been a doula for over three years and enjoys preparing women for the birth they desire.Her favorite part of birth is the “I did it!” moment; that moment when labor is over, baby is finally in mothers arms, and pure joy fills the room.

Meagan Heaton has supported over 150 women during their pregnancy and birth.A VBA2C mom, her drive is to help women like herself feel educated, supported, and empowered during their birthing time.

Here is a link to the article I discuss at the end of the episode: Cultural Perspectives on VBAC in Countries with High and Low Rates by Lundgren, et al. August 2019. Women & Birth.

If you would like to read more about VBAC:


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