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Debra Pascali-Bonaro has spent the last 30 years traveling the world as a childbirth educator, doula and doula instructor. In this episode Robin gets to talk to her about her career reframing language around birth and helping families return the pleasure and intimacy not only their birth, but also to their postpartum life.

To check out Debra’s work and purchase a copy of the movie Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept Secret, please visit her website:

If you’d to purchase a copy of her new book or to read more of her writings, follow these links**:

The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Let’s Talk About What No One Is Talking About

Orgasmic Birth

Nurturing Beginnings: Guide to Postpartum Care for Doulas and Community Outreach Workers


If you are interested in learning more about the Supporting Her** Online Course, click through. We know now more than ever partners need to know how to support each other, and Alice Turner has created a great course. You can also check out her FREE course Birth A to Z to share with your clients who might have questions about childbirth education topics.

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