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Can you believe that 2019 is almost over? Hillary and I certainly can’t! When we had our retreat, we sat down and spent some time talking about the year in review. That became this quick podcast that talks about a lot of things. Here are some highlights about how to move your business forward in 2020:

  • How to do stats for the year
  • What’s the breakdown for births, which categories might you want to track
  • Don’t forget to use de-identified data if you publish this information
  • Be sure you track how people found you
  • How do you incorporate things you want to track in your paperwork
  • Look back at providers – who sent you clients
  • What do you include when you write a provider and when do you write to them?
  • Don’t forget the nurses – how do you say thank you?
  • A visualization for the upcoming year – what do you want your year to look like (Robin lets you know it’s not woo)
  • Ask yourself the pointed questions. You can’t just write more – what does more look like?
  • What systems do you need in place to step away in an emergency?
  • How do you plan ahead for time off, time to step away as a break
  • What % of the money you earn will go back to your business
  • How can you take a retreat? For an afternoon, a day, a weekend?
  • Go to in person events!
  • Track your certification/recertification
  • Get an accountability partner
  • Words of the Year

A note about choosing a word of the year. It might seem a bit silly, but having a word of the year can really help you when you’re trying to figure out what your daily actions are doing towards meeting your personal yearly goals. Keeping a specific word in mind can help you reframe your actions to be more in line with those goals.

Hillary’s word for 2019 was connection Robin’s was snail mail. While we weren’t sure when we did the podcast, what our words would be, we have finally chosen them! Hillary has chosen: Focus. Robin has chosen: Mentor. Be sure to let us know what your word of the year is for 2020!

Links and Notes of Interest from Episode 20:

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