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Come listen in as Dr. Vanessa Hildebrand and Hillary geek out about birth anthropology. They talk about a wide range of things from Dr. Hildebrand’s research on birthing in an Indonesian Village to what anthropology has to say about childbirth education. You even get to figure out what the three basic things are you need to know about cultural competence to bring to your everyday work in birth. And the key will be challenging your assumptions. Always.

More about Dr. Hildebrand:
She is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ohio Wesleyan University. She studies midwifery and families in Indonesia. “Dr. Hildebrand is most interested in communities of people where women are vulnerable as a result of structural and social disenfranchisement and where multiple systems of knowing about birth are present. Midwives are, for the women that they serve, the key conduit to many methods and types of knowledge about being a woman in the society in which they live.” Her course load includes classes on medical anthropology, gender, social aspects of human reproduction, development, Southeast Asia, ethnography, and methods. She is also the Chair of the Council on Anthropology and Reproduction.

Things Mentioned in This Episode:

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